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I’ve been on my fitness journey for the last 2/3 years. I’ve had a lot of success and also a lot of  set backs. If you live on this planet you will probably have heard of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide and you’ve probably seen hundreds of pictures of really amazing results.

I honestly don’t love working out. I feel amazing after I’ve finished but actually struggling into my sports bra and going to the gym is often too much for me these days. I think this will be good for me as I don’t have to leave the house (#hermit).

I have done a few of her workouts before just as a one off but this is the first week I’ve been doing it properly with LISS and everything. I’m aiming to do the 3 bbg sessions every week but I won’t be too strict about doing them on specific days. As long as I’ve completed them that’s all that counts.

I completed Week 1 legs on Tuesday and I actually kind of enjoyed it.. It was challenging for me but not unreasonable. Apart from burpees which are my old nemesis from bootcamp. Shudder. I was planning to do Week 1 arms and abs today but I had to walk to my doctors from work in the freezing rain today and it’s over an hours round trip so I’m going to save it as a special Friday night treat. I will do the 3rd day on Saturday or Sunday.

That’s all I really have to say for now but if anyone has any advice for me please let me know in the comments. And if anyone else is just starting out please share!