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Today I’m going to teach you how to make one of my absolute favourite healthy dinners


Lentil Dahl is so easy to make and it’s seriously delicious.

You will need :


If you don’t have any fresh tomatoes in the house you can substitute 1-1.5 tins of chopped tomatoes and it will work just aswell.

Step 1

Chop your onion & crush or chop 2-4 cloves of garlic (I used 4).

Chop about half the pack of tomatoes and use the other half whole.

Step 2

Heat up a wok or large saucepan and add the onions, garlic an tomatoes.

You can use oil if you like but to keep it low fat I just add a small amount of hot water. If the water boils away just add a little more.


Step 3

When the Tomatoes are soft enough that you can easily pop a whole one with a wooden spoon pop all the tomatoes and add your spices.


Step 4

Add your lentils to the pan and stir into the mixture. Then crumble your stock cube into the pan, stir in and cover with boiled water. don’t worry if you add too much or too little. You can add more as you go along and the lentils will absorb a lot of water if you’ve added too much.


Step 5

Turn the heat down on the stove and allow the Dahl to simmer. You can taste it as you go along and add more spices or salt and pepper to suit your taste.

When the Dahl is ready it should look like this


Serve with Rice or Jacket Potato or you can eat it by itself. I used brown basmati rice mixed with some black rice which is why it looks so purple. I usually have this with some salad or cooked veggies.


I hope you enjoy this recipe!