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It’s been a while hasn’t it? Oops.

I’ve been hearing a lot about sheet masks lately on the old Blogosphere so I thought I’d give them a whirl and offer up my 2 cents.

So off I scampered to my local Boots to see what they had available and what I found were these:


The masks promise “brighten, correct and illuminate” the skin. They are specially helpful for people with pigmentation ‘irregularities’ whatever that means, and dark spots. I am pretty lucky and I don’t really suffer with any of these maladies but, as I have said before, my skin is exceptionally dry and can look a bit dull in the winter.


I will say that the first time I used these I was not impressed. They dried my skin out to the max and it took the last of my coconut oil to revive it. So I put them away in the very depths of my cupboard never to resurface. Or so I thought. I am a believer in second chances so a few days ago I retrieved them.

This time I had no issues whatsoever with dryness and I found the overall experience very refreshing. My skin did actually look a little brighter and someone said I looked ‘less ill than usual’ which is a good sign.

Overall I would say that at £10 for a pack of three they aren’t outrageously expensive but maybe make sure they are suitable for your skin type. Also they make you look like an ax murderer and Halloween is coming up. I think they’re good fun for a sleepover or if you’re a hermit like me you can snapchat creepy pictures of your face looking like this:


Don’t accidentally upload a cloth-masque-selfie to Tinder though. Lord knows what you might attract.