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Spring is in the air and we all know what that means don’t we? TIE DYE wooooohooo.


If you don’t feel like paying £50 for a pair of tie dye Vans (they are beautiful but they make my bank balance cry) then have a go at this. It’s so easy I promise.

You will need:

  • Some crappy white canvas plimsolls from Primark or Shoezone or something. Don’t spend more than a fiver here people.
  • A lot of rainbow permanent markers. I’ve used Sharpies just because we have them in the house (my housemate is well into crafts). Any permanent pens will do.
  • Some surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol in the USA). This was a bit of a nightmare to get. The man in the Pharmacy at Boots said you can’t get it in the UK any more because it’s ‘dangerous’. But the next day I found it in a different Boots for about £4.
  •  A spray bottle or dropper. I got a spray bottle for around a quid from Superdrug . The section where you get all those little bottles to decant your enormous bottles of shampoo into.

All in all this might cos a maximum of £20 but you can do this with friends/family and split the cost. Then you’ll all have some jazzy shoes for SS15.

I drew zigzags on this one and some dots on the other one. I think there are loads of options really. The spots came out kind of splotchy and horrible so I would reccommend the zigzag method. Then just give them a good spray with your surgical spirit. Do not get this in your mouth. It tastes appalling. I’d also give your eyes a wide birth and if you’re a child or just really clumsy ask an adult for help here.

Leave them to dry and voila! You have your very own tie dye trainers.

Another thing which, I hope, goes without saying. DO NOT DRINK THE SURGICAL SPIRIT. At best it will make you really sick and it worst it might cause you serious harm or even kill you. Don’t let kids use it by themselves etc. Just be bloody careful ok?

Have a good Sunday guys! If you try this tag in a picture on Intstagram  (@neeperscreepers) I would love to see all your unique creations.