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Guys, I have to start by telling you I have dry skin.

You don’t want to hear it and, I can assure you, I’d rather not say it. But the fact remains that I have some jack-nasty dry skin. In the winter this is a particular issue as I’m sure my fellow sufferers can attest to.

For years I have searched for a solution. I have tried body creams, oils and lotions. I have stood shivering as my thick, ‘specialised’ cream for dry-skinned folk takes ten minutes to become a sticky residue on my skin that makes getting dressed an impossibility. I have been there.

This year though I bought a hand cream by Aveeno (I promise this is relevant) and, although it didn’t smell fancy, it was on offer at Boots. I used it on my hands, arms and once, in an emergency, my face. It was an all rounder.

Drawn in by the moisturising prowess of the hand cream I wanted more. And that’s how I discovered this.The star of the show ladies and gentlemen:


This my friends is the first of many skin saviours I will be sharing with you.

Aveeno Skin Relief is seriously the best cream for dry sensitive skin I have used. It soaks in quickly (no awkward shivering) and it leaves your skin moisturised all day. It doesn’t have much of a scent, just a subtle oaty smell, so if you like a really perfumed moisturiser this is not for you. But if, like me, you are dry and sensitive this is the one. Also, you know that horrible rash you get when you moisturise after shaving? Just me? Well lets just say you can forget all about that unpleasantness.

All my dry skinned ladies (and gents) in the house please let me know if you have any tips for me. I hope you enjoyed my first proper post. I know it’s been long winded so I’ll be off now.